dimanche 20 mars 2011

ANGLETERRE, Henry VIII d' (1491-1547)


Femme 1 : Catherine d'ARAGON

Quarterly, France and England, impaled with her Father's; Quarterly, First and Fourth, Quarterly 1st and 4th, Gules, a castle Or (for Castile); 2nd and 3rd, Argent, a lion rampant Purpure (for Leon); Second and Third, Dexter, Or, four pallets Gules (for Aragon), impaling Sinister, Per saltire, in chief and base Or, four pallets Gules, and in the flanks Argent. an eagle displayed Sable (for Sicily), with a point in base, Argent, a pomegranate Proper (for Granada). Her supporters were Dexter, a lion guardant Or imperially crowned Proper; sinister, an Apostolic eagle Sable (Eagle of Saint John), wings elevated, membered Or.

Fille 1 : Marie 1ère d'ANGLETERRE

Femme 2 : Anne BOLEYN

Fille 2 : Elisabeth 1ère d'ANGLETERRE

Femme 3 : Jeanne SEYMOUR

Fils 1 : Edouard VI d'ANGLETERRE

Femme 4 : Anne de CLEVES

Femme 5 : Catherine HOWARD

Femme 6 : Catherine PARR

Source : BSB-Hss Cod.icon. 291, Insignia Anglica - BSB Cod.icon. 291, [S.l.] England Mitte 16. Jh., Cod.icon. 291

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